Takiko Shippaine is a Voyakiloid based on Kasane Teto, similar to Akune Zezu. She has long, wavy hair, and she usually has a sad expression on her face. Like Teto, she has a cowlick on her head. And her color schene is light gray and purple instead of gray and pink. You can see a full-body image of her here.


A UTAU maker was just finished making Namine Ritsu. He was so happy about his success that he decided to make ano ther UTAU. He was bored so he fell asleep on the keyboard. When he woke up, he saw Takiko Shippaine. He then got so fustrated that he threw her out the window, on the street. He created Teto's succes, and when Takiko learned about this she then teamed up whith Iroko and Kiui Kiuine to kill Teto.


Romeo and Cinderella

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