Ragna is popular derivative created by LoaDown And is the World most 'wanted criminal with an extraordinarily large bounty on his head (well in the trillions) for attempting to destroy the Novus Orbis Librarium, and the UTAULOID.and isJin and Saya's older brother


Ragna is sardonic, rude, and abrasive to anyone he comes across. He is also quick to anger, stubborn, and never misses a chance to use as much vulgar language as possible. In this regard, Ragna is similar to the stereotypical anime delinquent. This is caused mainly by Terumi destroying Ragna's life, which has created a mass of hatred in him; stronger than that of any other individual. Ragna often becomes infuriated at first sight of Terumi, which he often takes advantage of through taunting him. However, even in cases where he can't win or is on the brink of death, Ragna possesses an undying will and refuses to give up, something many characters hate or admire.

Beneath his gruff exterior, however, Ragna does possess a softer, more compassionate side. He chooses to keep up his public front because of the path he chose - that of revenge. He does genuinely care for certain people, such as Taokaka, Noel and Jubei. He spared Arakune's life due to Litchi's pleas, and in his , he directly references his promise to Litchi to let him live after he defeats him. Also, despite Jin's role in the destruction of his life, still cares for him as a brother. He also expressed anguish when Nu sacrificed her life to protect him, despite the past animosity he harbored for her. It is also hinted that he and Rachel have feelings for one another, but both of them would die before admitting it........

Musical Themes

Rebellion - Ragna's theme

Black Onslaught - Unlimited Ragna's theme

Under Heaven Destruction - Ragna the Bloodedge VS Jin Kisaragi

White Requiem - Ragna the Bloodedge VS Rachel Alucard

Nightmare Fiction - Ragna the Bloodedge VS Miku Hatsune


Material Collection Information

Hobbies: Cooking

Values: His silver bracelet

Likes: Meat dishes

Dislikes: Ghosts, the NOL,Utauloid

Age:20 or 21 years old

Born in : in japan

made in USA,Japan